Interel Welcomes Global Partnership and Launch Results of Annual Survey


This week we were delighted to welcome members of the Interel Global Partnership to Brussels for our annual Summit. The event was a great success, with attendees from 30 different countries and fantastic guest speakers including Fruzsina Harsanyi.

Getting the full Interel Global Partnership together in one place at the same time was a real feat coordinated by Group Practice Director Lindsay Paterson and team. The day was a great success, with fascinating presentations by key public affairs professionals and experts, and high levels of engagement on social media. To read more about what was said (and to see some great photos of the day) simply search for #InterelGlobal and #PublicAffairsMatters on Twitter.

The event saw us kick off our #PublicAffairsMatters social media campaign, which aims to highlight just why public affairs matters! We had lots of interesting takes on what it means to be a public affairs professional, as well as how the industry is developing to become more integral to business strategies.

At the summit we also released the findings of our latest annual Global Public Affairs Survey, which showed some interesting developments in the industry.

Interel Survey Infographic

The survey found that the industry is ‘professionalising’, with an increase in regulation and self-regulation, with an increase in voluntary declarations of clients on a public register.

It also found that respect for the industry is growing, with respondents increasingly dealing with CEOs of organisations.

Interestingly, one of the most talked about aspects of the survey at the summit, was the impact that social media has on government decision making. Only a year ago, 51% of respondents felt that social media had ‘some’ influence over decision making, however this year that number has rocketed to 87%. Attendees of the summit discussed how social media has become a frequently used tool for politicians in some regions, with governments becoming somewhat influenced by social media campaigns.

Looking to the future, public affairs professionals remain optimistic about prospects in the coming year, with 95% expecting the industry to grow in the next 12 months. Growth in the industry may be due to a perceived increase in political risk by organisations with over 90% of respondents say that business is now more concerned about political risk than it was 5 years ago.



Lindsay Paterson

Group Practice Director

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