Energy & Natural Resources

Energy & Natural Resources

We live in complicated times as far as our resource needs are concerned. 

Faced with depletion of traditional resources, the race is on to find alternatives which keep companies in business. Finding a work-around as the world transitions from carbon intensive to alternative energies raises security, political and above all, financial issues which are high on local, national and global agendas.

At Interel we’re deeply engaged in this conversation. We represent a broad range of interests across oil and gas, clean energy technologies, smart grids, renewables, biomass and water stewardship and we work across many markets.

Energy issues cross borders and so do we – leveraging  our Interel global network to help our clients connect the policy dots in all the markets that matter.

Our sophisticated advocacy offer brings together experts in policy and regulation, designing and delivering content creation, stakeholder engagement, reputation management and crisis communications. We can help meet your business objectives and give you a competitive edge. 

Count on us. We get it right.

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