Health has been at the core of Interel’s business since the company’s inception. Over the past 30 years we have established a high level of expertise and credibility in Brussels and throughout Europe. We’re proud of our ever- expanding client base, which includes some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, patient organisations, medical societies, health insurers, and multi-stakeholder platforms.

The health sector is complex and presents many challenges. Governments need to make cuts and save whilst industry is looking to be rewarded for its innovation. Patients have a central role in this debate and their collective ‘voice’ must be heard as these complex decisions are taken if they are to enjoy access to healthcare innovation.

At Interel we pride ourselves on having a truly global health practice with a deep understanding of all sides of the health debate. This allows us to support our clients to navigate these challenges and chart opportunities to realise success.

In Europe, our approach recognises the EU not only as a source of new regulation, but a central hub for the promotion of best practice. European initiatives to promote healthy ageing, advocate for the prevention of chronic disease, and develop common health indicators can be effective drivers of change at a national level.  Count on us. We have the health of your business at heart.

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