While geopolitical uncertainty and regional instabilities rise to new levels, markets are witnessing an unprecedented flow of capital around the world as corporate and financial investors seek new and sustainable growth opportunities. 

Increasingly, executives are looking for experienced counsellors that can help them navigating the complexities of cross-border, cross-cultural M&A, FDI or Market Access situations. 

Complementing the work of financial, legal and PR advisors, the Interel Investor Advisory Team offers a holistic approach and a unique mix of expertise. The team members have held top positions in Government, at Goldman Sachs, Linklaters or private equity firms, were involved in dozens of transactions and advised CEOs, boards and institutional investors. Now we leverage this experience to advise on international transaction in regulated, politically complex industries such as energy, transport, security, tech, media, defence or finance. 

Most of our clients are U.S. based, but we increasingly advise firms from the BRIC countries or the Middle East looking for investment opportunities in Europe, particularly in Germany as one of the most attractive markets. For global mandates we leverage the Interel Global Partnership.

Services include:

  • Introductions and Networking / Access to decision makers
  • Political Due Diligence / Background checks / Business Intelligence
  • Strategic & CEO positioning, messaging, story telling
  • Financial Communications, defense, crisis communications: Media & Politics
  • Alliance building, 3rd party support, speaking opportunities
  • Governmental & Regulatory Affairs including troubleshooting

For confidentially reasons the Investor Advisory Practice can only provide credentials after approval from clients and on request.

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