Leisure & Consumer Goods

Leisure & Consumer Goods

For companies in the consumer goods and leisure sector, managing the regulatory environment in which they operate is about more than just direct business impact – it’s also about maintaining and building reputations with customers.

At Interel we keep our clients one step ahead of developments and anticipate and respond to regulatory or reputational challenges quickly and effectively. We also encourage our clients to be proactive and to engage with policy makers as part of their core business strategy.

Our team has a wealth of experience in public affairs and strategic communication. We come from a variety of backgrounds including government, law, science, and engineering. This diversity is invaluable helping us build strategies that precisely fit our client’s needs.

We help clients with every aspect of their campaigning and communication needs, including messaging, building alliances, developing relationships with key influencers and engaging in technical and political debate. We work across a range of sectors, including cosmetics, consumer electronics, travel, packaging and retail, and on cross-sectoral issues relating to business and environmental sustainability. Count on us. We’re at the heart of the debate.

Case Study: Building relationships with regulators

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