Professional Societies

Professional Societies

At Interel, serving the needs of professional societies has been at the heart of our business since day one. For over 30 years we have worked with and advised some of the sector’s largest and most dynamic international, regional and national societies.

As a result, we have developed an acute understanding of the very unique role that professional societies play in modern economies. They are centres of knowledge and expertise; they provide training and develop research; they define technical and professional standards; they advocate for their profession; and they are platforms for debate and engagement.

Regulatory bodies and policy makers also rely heavily on input and insight from professional societies and their individual members when framing new regulations and policies.   

But… they are also uniquely complex organisations. They are expected to deliver a lot with often very scant resources. With a fairly small staff in many instances, professional societies rely substantially on their members to provide volunteer labour.  This provides some unique leverage but also introduces unique tension as volunteers are often high status professionals in their own right as well as leaders in their field.

At Interel, our understanding of these unique dynamics allows us to support our clients to navigate both their internal challenges and chart opportunities to realise success with their broader mission.

We can help your society connect with all your stakeholders, raise your profile and  increase your impact. We can help you get your message across to governments and regulators.  We can also help you grow new markets and programmes attracting new members along the way.

We can do all of this and more.  Contact us to find out how. Count on us. We get the job done.

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